Finding Experimentation Hotspots on Your Website

August 31, 2023

On Demand

9min read

10 Best Practices for Shopping Cart Page Optimization

10min read

Great Value Proposition Examples

13min read

The Complete Guide to Generating Leads on Your Landing Page

14min read

Understanding Bounce Rate to Improve It


Learning to Delight Customers With Meaningful CX

January 26, 2023

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12min read

How to Define and Track your KPIs

8min read

The ROI of Experimentation


Reducing the Guesswork Behind Journey Experimentation

October 13, 2022

On Demand

Case Study

Restarting a Testing Program Starts with the Right Tool

What our customers are saying

The decision to switch to AB Tasty came down to the overall return on investment. AB Tasty offered us a feature-rich solution meeting our needs at a competitive price point. The implementation was easy, running experiments can be done efficiently, and the support team has been helping us deliver successful tests.

Paul Branco
Sr. Director of Product Management, UX, & Analytics

Our mobile developers have been able to implement experimentation the same way we do it on our website, and remove the burden of App stores rollouts. Now we can truly align web & mobile releases.

Ingrid Peiniau
Head of Customer Experience

Partnering with AB Tasty has really helped us get a competitive advantage out of our client’s data - it is the proof of the pudding, the point at which we show that the data has found more customers, at reduced CPA.

Javier Gómez de la Mata
Ecommerce Manager

We can test new features on specific segments of our user base, and also better integrate user feedback in real-time, set up kill switches, and especially, run experiments.

Alexandre Duarte
Head of Product

AB Tasty is Delicious! It has great graphical user interface, fantastic support, great pricing structure and we are able to work on almost all dynamic content through GUI.

Matt Sparks
eCommerce Optimization Manager

I tried to do A/B testing in-house, and gave up quickly. Every change now goes through Feature Experimentation by AB Tasty, whether it’s a back-end search algorithms or a UI update.

Julien Martin
VP Engineering

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